Are extra-curricular activities important for students?

It’s normal to enter the university and see students who are all about class. For them, any thing that doesn’t directly add to semester grades takes several back seats. It’s not a bad way to go neither is it the best way. Personally, I wasn’t much of an extra-curricular guy at first but this changed before I graduated.
The fact is: extra-curricular activities may not add anything to your grades, but they make you a more-rounded person.
Let me explain.
A student may be super smart academically and suck at public speaking. His course may not have a subject on public speaking but he can develop this skill by joining the Rotary club. Other social skills are also built in partaking in activities like this.
Joining a sports team can teach this student life lessons about trusting the judgement of teammates. The perseverance and training put into sports may influence the student in better planning his study regiment.
Away from these, splendid political and sporting careers started from the university. A good number of our politicians began by joining politics in school. Platforms like the NUGA games give students the chance to vie for sporting glory.
Extra-curricular activities help you make valuable friends. These friendships can lead to great business and personal partnerships in the future. These activities provide an opportunity to add value to your community. Village/town hall associations can help you know more about your culture and tribe.
There are many upsides to partaking in extra-curricular activities. Learning goes beyond the classroom and skipping these extra activities may be to your detriment. This is why recruiters often ask what other activities you partook in while you were student. They wouldn’t ask this question if it was unimportant.
If you’re yet to participate in any extra-curricular activity, engage yourself in one today.

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