20 killer smartphone apps very student should have

20 killer smartphone apps every student should have

If you’re reading this post, there’s a great chance you’re doing so from a smartphone. Technology has come a long way and smartphones are part of our daily lives. In our last article, we saw some smartphone tips to supercharge studying.

Mobile applications offer extra functionalities for a richer user experience. Applications keep increasing so much that new ones are probably being tested now. With that many options, it is easy to get confused which to check, especially the ones relevant to your studies.

In this post, I will be outlining 20 smartphone apps you can check out and use. I wrote this list with the Android OS in mind. But fret not iOS users, most of the apps also have iOS versions.

1 Any.do
Any.do is a task manager like no other. You can use it to schedule how you want your day to run. No need worrying about missing assignment deadlines as you can schedule your full week and month ahead.

2. Dropbox
I’ve downloaded a couple of past questions off Dropbox and have this friend who uploaded his credentials to Dropbox. With Dropbox, you upload documents to the cloud to get them anytime. You can also give the download link to third parties to download.

3. Mathway
Say hello to your math buddy when difficult maths questions pop up. Mathway boasts of being able to solve your most difficult math problems when you take a picture of them. You simply type the questions in or take a picture of it.

4. EasyBib
The bibliography of academic projects can be a scary hurdle for some students. EasyBib helps you take care of it.

5. Studious
A time planner built for students. Studious goes beyond the usual task manager with options especially suited for study and students.

6. Oxford Dictionary
Learning new words doesn’t get more handy than carrying an e-dictionary everywhere you go.

7. SelfControl
If you’re finding is difficult to stay off your phone you may consider using SelfControl. With this app, you can limit some apps from working for specified times. Not a bad move to take if you must concentrate against all odds.

8. RealCalc Scientific Calculator
RealCalc scientific calculator is one of the many calculator-apps on application stores. I love the UI as it brings the feel of using a real scientific calculator.

9. Duolingo
Learning a new language? Then duolingo is the app to use. It helps you learn from a huge list of languages on offer.

10. Alarmy (Sleep if U can)
Christened the ‘world’s most annoying alarm clock’, this app does exactly what it says on the tin. If you want to wake up by 4am and prepare for that test or just want to troll your roommates, this app is for you.

11. Moon+ Reader
Moonreader+ is a mobile app that helps you read epub books. I particularly love it because of the easily customizable options it comes with.

12. ePUBator
ePUBator helps you convert pdf files to epub format so you can read them on any epub reader.

13. Wunderlist
Wunderlist goes beyond the usual task manager and offers you the functionality of sharing your tasks with your friends.

14. Camscanner
Make soft copy of your documents with a snap of a photo. With camscanner, you can scan your documents by taking a picture. One of my best productivity apps.

15. Refme
Save yourself the hassle of properly citing sources with Refme. You can use it to cite books, journals or even websites.

16. Khan Academy
If you’re a student and never heard of Khan Academy then you’ve been missing on a lot. Khan academy is an online academy with videos on different subjects. You can choose which subjects you want from sciences to arts – all for free. In the past, I used Khan Academy for maths and physics.

17. WolframAlpha
According to the website, WolframAlpha ‘gives you access to the world’s facts and calculates answers across a range of topics”. It’s so great at what it does that businessinsider says it’s ‘probably the most useful site in the history of the internet’. Sadly but quite expectedly, the app comes at a small price. The websites looks free

18. Math Tricks
Get maths tricks on your finger tips with this app.

19. Curiosity
If you love to read beyond the classroom then you’ll love Curiosity. The app delivers educational content on about any topic you like. What’s more interesting is how it delivers them – simple and captivating. A must-use for the curious mind.

20. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free
If you’d love to learn a programming language, then you’d want to try SoloLearn. With over a million downloads, you know you’re not alone in the programming world.

Which of these apps do you use?

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