factors to consider when choosing a university

5 factors to consider when choosing a university

If you’re at the JAMB writing stage or know someone who is then this post is for you.

Choosing a higher institution can be daunting especially for those without any senior sibling or mentor figure. There are different factors to consider when choosing a university or polytechnic. Don’t be like that person we all know who chose a school because his friend chose the same.

But have no worries, if you are at the proverbial crossroads of what school to choose, then I have come up with some factors to consider

1. Funds

Clearly one to consider if pockets are not that deep. If pockets are deep, then this post may not be for you.

There are state-owned institutions with fees at par with some private schools but with less value for money. Better to avoid this group. Some institutions are notorious for having lecturers who force students to buy textbooks and ‘course materials’ which add up to study expenses.

You have to gauge your pocket against financial expectations to make a choice. Federal and state owned universities are decent choices for schools that are easy on the pocket.

2. Proximity to home

Except you like to travel or can’t wait to leave the house, it’s okay to consider schools closer to home. It doesn’t mean the school has to be in the same city. But a 3-4 hour trip is not bad from home to school. Trust me there are times you can easily take a break from school environment, get home, refresh yourself and quickly return.

3. School reputation

This goes without saying. While this is not a primer for life success but graduating from a top school brings a sense of pride and accomplishment. The Alumni network of such schools alone may be of great help during your career.

4. Strike actions/speed of school

Some schools are literally headquarters of ASUU and other related strikes actions. I’ve always loved schools that strive to maintain a sane academic calendar in our Nigerian system.

I know a university that at one time was a full academic session behind due to strikes. On the other hand, there are others who don’t observe strikes.

5. State of chosen course in university (facilities present, accredited)

I know someone who studied a course for three years only for the department to be shut down. There are schools not accredited to teach certain courses but they do anyway.

Make sure to ask questions of students of the school to know what you’re getting in to. A well-funded department will be to your advantage.

So these are some reasons to consider when choosing a higher institution. Do you agree with these or have other factors to add?

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