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7 Creative Ways to Write a Resume 

Getting a job can be quite an ordeal, especially if you still need to figure out your resume. I’ve reviewed a few resumes that didn’t come close to revealing what the holder could do but it doesn’t have to be this way. Your resume should be able to provide a condensed view of your strengths, skills, accomplishments, and what you have to offer.

There are many ways to write a CV, and with hiring managers having to read possibly 100s of resumes each hiring cycle, it helps if you can stand out from the crowd. For this reason, I’ve come up with seven of the most innovative and creative ways to write a resume. 

These tips give you an instant edge over tons of applicants

1. Tell a Story 

Weave a story that’s just as interesting as it is true. A story takes your qualifications, experiences, and accomplishments and expresses them clearly and easily. This can be written separately as a cover letter (if requested), or added at the beginning of a resume. 

Try to aim for at least less than a page in length. However, ensure you include all the relevant information about yourself, where you schooled, and experiences shaping your career. 

2. Leave out Your Objectives 

“Objectives” on a resume typically serve as pointers, letting potential employers learn what you want to achieve on the job or in your career. There are, however, often generic, take up space high-up many resumes and could look cliche. 

Why not remove it?

You can take the high road and leave out the objectives altogether, especially when the space could be better used to add your other relevant skills and previous work experience. 

When you examine it closely, it’s hard to see how this paragraph improves your chances of getting hired. Maybe hiring managers do look at it, but I’m not sure how much it weighs in the entire selection process. 

3. Let the Numbers Hit

With your resume, it’s time to use everything you’ve got to get the best reaction. That’s why numbers do more than half of the job for you. 

Sure, you’ve filled many roles and handled multiple tasks but employers want to see the value you bring to an organization instead of showcasing the job descriptions all over again. 

Think about it: which of these would you prefer as a hiring manager? ‘managed company accounts,’ or ‘generated leads for sales department leading to 20% revenue increase for Q3 and Q4, 2022.’ 

4. Use Infographics

Just like the above, using numbers and infographics instantly transforms your resume and makes it more appealing. It’s one thing I have noticed with resumes for applicants in the tech space.

Infographics give your resume more expression than words can. You’ll find many templates online to guide you in finding the right fit. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a graphics designer or learn Photoshop to design your resume. There are online and other resume makers that are easy to use (Canva is a great example). 

5. Use Colors

Like a lot of official documents, most resumes come in the legendary black and white – black colored fonts and whitespace. 

But there’s no rulebook that says it must be so. I’ve been experimenting with colored fonts and other graphics on my resume for some years and don’t have any issues. Don’t overdo it though and if you’re not sure what colors to use, you can use any free template on Google. 

It’s possible to keep it colorful, yet simple. Colors are definitely a creative way to make your resume stand out from others. 

6. Include Your Passions, other skills

You may have a quality experience from some big guns in different industries, but there are other skills you’ve gathered over time. Many people think including them in their resume is unnecessary, but it’s not if it ties into the broader culture of the prospective job.

So what’s your handiwork? I knew a guy who could MC at birthdays and wedding ceremonies. He managed to make that a part of his resume. Who will the boss be asking to handle the next office party? 

Your handiwork may be something technical or practical. Whatever it is, it can help land that job. 

7. Tailor Your Resume to Fit the Job

This point needs no introduction. Get creative with your resume if you want to convince the recruiter that you’re perfect for the job. 

Please go through the job ad and extract all the essential skills they require. For example, some organizations need a basic understanding of Microsoft packages, digital marketing skills, etc. Include these skills if you have them and how you’ve demonstrated the skill in the past to achieve results. 

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, you need your resume to be able to communicate so even when writing it creatively, ensure you aim for this objective. There are different creative ways you can use to boost your resume’s look of and we have examined some of them above. Which of these creative ways have you used before?

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