How to bounce back from a bad semester

A friend had a bad result in his third year. For someone who was among the best in 100 level, that semester ended with a 3.4 GP. He felt sad but you know what? He went on to graduate as the best student. Anything is possible to they that believe.

For most students, there are times the previous semester’s results don’t just go as planned. You may have prepared well for the exams and done your best. You may have taken your time with the practicals, done every assignment like it’s the sole requirement for a first class and yet, results will go to the left like a Beyonce song.

Plus there’s the drama with some of our Nigerian higher institutions Even if you’re Albert Einstein, just pray you don’t attend a school where they can choose to frustrate anyone at will.

Many of us have been down this route. And while a few were able to rise and conquer, others simply went down with the tide. You see, a bad semester can happen to any student. Yes, even a final year student on a 4.9 CGPA will feel a bit bad when one of the final results comes with a B.

So how can one bounce back from a bad semester?

First things first, do not panic…

What can be done to salvage the situation?

Can you apply for re-marking of scripts?

Are there missing scripts? Can you apply for them to be found?

These are some of the immediate questions that need answering. I know some of our federal universities can be very frustrating when you get into situations like these. As a student, I lost the number of times I saw colleagues complain about how school poorly handled their case.

Perhaps, applying for a remark will go a long way in making the result better. Meet students in higher levels for useful advice. Speak to your course adviser too. This is one of the reasons your school put them there. Try as much as possible to fix the situation before accepting it.

But it’s ok to feel bad a little…

Yes, it is. It’s ok to shed a tear or two. This is not defeatist. Doing this helps you take the pain off your chest and could be a motivator to get things right next time. Beat yourself up a little but don’t overdo it. Overdoing it could bring you into a hospital. No kidding.

Take time to examine where it went wrong and use the answer to come up with a recovery plan.

Be ready to change and improve…

Ever met someone who felt bad after seeing his results but the next day is as carefree as ever?

I know I have.

Everybody wants to have a great result but sadly, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort. After a not-so-good semester, you should be ready improve on your efforts. It is as simple as that. If this will involve getting a new reading mate or taking more workable steps, do it.

There’s this saying about doing something the same way and expecting same result. Doesn’t work that way.

Set clear goals, commit to improving and work diligently towards better results next semester.


I cannot rule this out. There are some things that are out of your reach. Being intelligent does not mean your exam scripts can’t get missing or sickness can’t strike. Pray like it’s the only thing you can do, also work like it’s all you’ve got.

Never stop believing…

This is pretty much self-explanatory. There is something about the mind once its strength is harnessed, you can do anything you want to achieve.

Try all these, be focused and watch things change for the better.


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