How reading job vacancies can help you plot a career path

How reading job vacancies can help you plot a career path

It’s easy to not know of happenings in the professional world when you’re an undergraduate. This naivety fades when you read, interact with professionals, or get a helpful mentor. Sadly, many graduate without knowing what to expect until they are out of school.

But that can change by reading through relevant job vacancies.

What are job vacancies?

This needs no explanation really. Job vacancies tell you what to expect in a job. It states the various requirements and what a potential employee should do on a job. Companies generally include a well-articulated job vacancy announcement for jobs they advertise. This so applicants know exactly what’s at stake and the expectations.

These announcements offer a great route to knowing what to expect after school.

You can read up job vacancies on various job boards. There are many Nigerian job boards on the internet. A simple google search will yield tons of results.

Also, try to go beyond job boards within Nigeria and check foreign ones. The world is becoming a global village and it’s possible to work anywhere on the earth today.

One other site I love is It’s one of the top sites in the UK catering to undergrads, grads and professionals. This website has valuable information for any student’s transition to the professional world. It’s a great resource for undergrads and fresh grads. Make sure to check it out.

How reading job vacancies can help you

As an undergraduate, the most important academic goal is to get your first degree. You may not know of other required certifications and competencies.

Vacancies reveal that you.

There are jobs which need a post graduate experience before one can apply for them. Reading through a job description can also help you to know what a professional in your field of study does. You are informed of the possible organizations you have to be a member of as a professional in a certain field.

As with Nigerian jobs, you become familiar with the ‘age caps’ for certain graduate positions.

All in all, you gain a certain level of insight into general expectations. Having such information can guide you in plotting a path or switching careers after graduation.

So, you may want to check out some relevant job vacancies next time you find yourself idling through the internet.

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