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A Fresh Graduate’s Guide to Building a Strong Personal Brand

I have a Linkedin connection who has multiple endorsements from big companies across different fields. He’s been doing this for at least 4 years, and now hosts seminars on how he leveraged social media to grow his career.

He finished college last year.

This means he’s been earning a living and inspiring others while he was still in college, using the power of personal branding and networking on LinkedIn. 

He’s not the only one as there are countless other college students and fresh graduates using social media to their advantage. Building an online persona that resonates with potential employers is very important in today’s internet age. Your social media presence and how you present your personal brand can help you stay ahead of the competition and attract the attention of your next hiring manager or that international organization.

This is why I have written this simple guide with some steps you can take to build a great personal brand. Continue reading to learn the best ways to build a strong brand as a graduate. 

5 Ways to Build Your Brand on Social Media 

A great personal brand includes both our internet and real-life personalities. For the global village the world is, your internet presence is the first window into the kind of person you are and what value you can offer. This is why some recruiters perform their due diligence by reviewing your social media accounts. 

It is therefore important to take proper care of how you portray yourself on your social media accounts, especially when you want to build a career of this.

Here are 5 ways to use social media to build your brand. 

  1. Choose a Fitting Platform 

Using the best social media platform to build your brand is important. Thankfully, dozens of platforms are available to build a branding strategy that fits your needs. However, it’s more productive to choose wisely and work smartly rather than spreading yourself thin across multiple platforms. 

Find a social media platform that fits your strengths and capabilities. For example, LinkedIn is the de facto platform for building an online professional presence but this isn’t always the case with growing use cases such as Twitter.

For visuals and sales, Instagram and Pinterest provide good choices. Whatever you do, figure out the advantages and drawbacks of the social media platform before deciding what fits your brand. 

  1. Ensure Your Profile is Complete 

You’re not alone if you’re wondering why you should provide certain details to complete your profile. I’ve been there before and found that having a complete profile with links and other information boosted my brand. 

If there’s a spot for your bio, summarize what you do and offer concisely. Even with ample space, you must go straight to the point. Include a website link where possible. This helps you link your social media presence and your website. 

  1. Post useful content 

Posts are normal for almost all social media platforms. Since you want your brand to stand out, develop a posting schedule. However, do not post indiscriminately. Figure out the best content to post, the message it passes, and when to post. 

One great idea for creating content for a professional profile is to build in public. Tech newbies do this all the time, you take on a course or project and document your learning process for all to see. In the end, you have content on your page while letting the whole world know what you’ve learned. 

It’s possible to get jobs off this strategy.

  1. Interaction is Vital

No man is an island, especially on social media platforms. So, don’t just follow other users or post content on your timeline. Socialize via interactions and engagements with your audience regularly. 

Social media was designed to promote interaction. With more interactions, your posts and content get promoted. Additionally, interactions and engagements show other users you’re responsive and credible. For example, react to comments on your posts and like those that match your interests. 

  1. Adapt to Changes 

Change is constant, and you must adapt or see your brand fail. Adapting your content to fit the audience is an excellent way to adapt. This way, you can cater to a wider demographic. 

Further, integrate content and links on your website across the social media platforms you’re active on. Visitors can find your profile, and those on the platforms can visit your website. 

Which is More Effective for Personal Branding: LinkedIn or Twitter? 

This is a bit of work to answer, considering there are many platforms to choose from. LinkedIn and Twitter are two big platforms that can help you and other recent graduates develop a personal brand. 

With both, you get many opportunities to reach out to a wide audience, depending on your goal. If you’re searching for topics and tweets, and like its microblogging feature, Twitter stands out. If you want industries, relevant professionals, and experts, LinkedIn is your platform. They both have positives and downsides, mainly down to your preferences. 

I also think Twitter is great for building projects in public. Twitter is slowly taking on LinkedIn with job announcements, and similar types of posts. That being said, LinkedIn still remains the largest professional networking site, giving you a base to connect professionally and enhance your brand. 

So if you want to keep it fully professional, you can stick to LinkedIn, but if you need to microblog and chat with others in a semi-professional manner, Twitter should cut it better.

Nothing stops you from getting the best of both worlds.


If you’re into it, social media can be a great place to network, build your personal brand and position yourself in your chosen career. There are different social media platforms but LinkedIn and Twitter are the most popular choices for personal branding. 

Use the steps above to establish your personal brand on a platform that fits your strengths and needs. Remember to complete your profile, interact consistently, provide value, and keep learning. Cheers! 

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